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Homeowner’s Guide

Welcome to home ownership in La Baja, Mexico! Now that you are a new homeowner, it is important that you take the time to get comfortable in your new home; you likely have questions related to getting further settled.

Below are a few important things to know. We encourage contact with our Property Management team, as we want this place to feel like “home” for years!

Gather your documents

Transferring or creating any new account will require legal documents as proof of your identity, residence, and immigration status. Be sure to bring several copies of each document, as well as your physical passport, whenever you are trying to open or change any account.

It’s also a good idea to hire a translator, or have someone that speaks Spanish to go with you so they can explain any nuances of the contract you may be signing. You’ll appreciate not having to go back again later because you missed something important.

Documents needed

  • Passport information page (color).
  • Tourist VISA (1-sided) or Mexican resident card (both sides).
  • A recent electric (CFE) bill.
  • Fideicomiso, all pages. A letter from the notary will also work if you haven’t received your fideicomiso yet.
  • Your physical address. Look at the CFE bill or the fideicomiso for the official address.
  • Proof of paid property taxes. You can not get a water contract without this. Your closing attorney can provide a copy of the “certificate of no taxes owed”.


CFE (Electric Power)

CFE is the only electrical power company. They bill every 1 or 2 months, depending on the contract. It MUST be paid in full or power is disconnected.

CFE can be paid directly at the offices near Plaza Patio at the automatic teller machines or Walmart, cash only. 

You may also be able to pay online, they accept AMEX payments online, but they don’t take US or Canada credit cards (because the billing address is not in Mexico). 

You can also register your account online with your service number (it is on your bill), and you can have your bill emailed to you.

OOMSAPAS (Water Company)

OOMSAPAS is also the only water supply. It is billed monthly.

You can pay online at:  directly at the water company office, they accept cash and credit cards or at any OXXO onvenience store.

Propane Gas

Most homes will have a 300-liter propane tanks that supplies your water heater(s), outdoor grill, and stove or heating the pool. For a 300 liter tank, it costs roughly $3000-3500 pesos to fill it, depending on the level it is at.

Caligas is the largest propane supplier in Baja Sur, you can request via Whatsapp +52 1 624 238 5950 you can pay via Wire transfer, but it’s a good idea to have cash on hand.

TELMEX (Phone/Internet)

Telmex is the national phone and Internet provider, Telmex packages range from broadband speeds of 10 Mbps a month for $389 pesos to 200 Mbps a month for $1,500 pesos.

These packages also include television service as well as telephone service. Not all areas have Fiber Optic availability. You can pay your monthly bill online at or at any OXXO convenience store.

Television Service

There are multiple options available:

Mexican satellite TV:


Dish TV or Claro TV, which is included in the cost of your Telmex or Telcel package, the services have a few English speaking channels.

Streaming services: We can provide you with different streaming services that delivers all English programming for a reasonable monthly fee. You must purchase a set-top box or Fire Stick.

Drinking Water

Water supply to homes comes either from an underground well or a Desalination system that takes water from the ocean and along the pipe system is delivered to your home, it is not recommended as drinking water.

Many homes have installed a reverse osmosis water filter and faucet in their kitchen sinks for drinking water. If your home doesn’t have such a system, our Projects Department can help with this and many other services and add ons to your new home, decoration, rebuilding, renewing or refurbishing.

Financial and Immigration


When you purchased your home, you received a proof of tax payment and the date to which they were paid. Property taxes are due starting in January, but paying them in November gets you a 35% discount and 20% discount if paid in December. You can pay online using your clave catastral number and credit card at

You can also solicit the due amount via WhatsApp to the following number: +52 1 624 315 1516


Your annual payment will fall every year on the date when you closed (the date on your fideicomiso). Your payment is due to the bank that owns your fideicomiso, and you can pay it in person at a local bank branch. It may be possible to also pay online but each bank uses a different.

The currency of Mexico is the peso (MXN) and coins are centavos. Paper currency denominations are: $20, $50, $100, $200, $500 and $1,000. Coin units are: $.05, $.010, $.20, $.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00.

Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and in many cases in Baja Sur, U.S. dollars. Mexican banks are similar to most banks in other countries in services offered, such as checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, joint accounts, ATMs, mortgages and insurance.


Having a local bank account isn’t necessary; you can withdraw pesos using your US bank card from any ATM,  and you can use credit and debit cards at most of the stores and supermarkets.

However, it can be convenient to have a local bank account in pesos. This will allow you to automate many of your bills, which you can’t with a foreign card; It can also help you in wiring funds to Mexico to pay for home improvements or any other expenses that need to be covered in pesos. Typically you must be a resident to get an account, but you may be able to do it with help from our Property Management area.


We work with a specialized and experienced Immigration Attorney  who can help answer your questions and assist you through the immigration process.


All the properties we represent are insured, having a number of houses and condos, have allowed us to get special pricing and an all cover insurance policy.

Los Cabos is subject to Hurricanes from the Pacific Ocean; we strongly recommend having your property insured, along with hurricane shutters, our Projects department also can help you with that.


You may bring your vehicle(s) into Baja, but you must maintain current Mexican liability insurance. Our Property Management team can also help you get the best insurance company for your vehicle.

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